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Dropstyle in Hoorn NH

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  • For more than 25 years Dropstyle has been a success with fans, music lovers, record collectors, jukebox owners and DJs, because it specialises in vinyl. We sell CDs and DVDs too, but mostly second-hand vinyl. We stock some 10.000 albums, ranging form your average rock and pop classics to rare rock & roll originals to obscure Dutch beat and sixties underground. And a good selection of Beatles and Rolling Stones, jazz, country, punk, hardrock and soundtracks on record. We also offer around 6000 singles, all hits from the beginning of the sixties till the end of the eighties, all in their famous Dutch picture sleeves. You can browse our website for your homeshopping, but don't forget there are more record bargains to be found in the shop.

    It is hard to say why vinyl is still so much in demand. Some customers prefer the beautiful artwork of the covers over the tiny CD booklets, others look for rare music not yet released on CD and there are even some that claim records simply sound better than CDs.

    DJs certainly take a special interest in Dropstyle, especially in the soul and disco 12-inches and albums, hiphop, house/dance, reggae and jazz LPs. No wonder since they still provide the solid base for nearly every modern funky groove.

    Apart from records we also sell CDs and CD-singles, both new and second-hand. In the shop you can choose from second-hand titles and recent new releases. The DVD section consists of music and film DVDs, both new and second-hand. Our collection is completed with all kinds of popmemorabilia: books, magazines, posters, stand-ups, patches, badges, jewellery, miniatures, promoboxes and sheet music.

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